qqqqqqqqqRules and Regulations


Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations:: Class begins at 7:30 AM

  • You must be prepared for class! That means having the materials out and open on your desk at the bell.
  • Please read the material at home and in class. You have certain due dates for specific topics. Read at home** and in class.
  • Talking must be limited and/or nonexistent. There are people reading and concentrating; please have respect for those individuals.
  • HOMEWORK FOR OTHER CLASSES IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Please do it at home or in another period.
  • When a person is giving his/her speech and/or talking to the class in general, please be attentive and do not interrupt the speaker. We are trying to attain higher scores than last year's group in competition; the only way we can do better is if we listen and provide feed back to the speaker when required.
  • There isn't any reason to lose all your materials. The binders should be stacked neatly in the back. The bulk of the material should remain in class and you should take home the most current assignments only. When you return in the morning, put it back with your other materials.
  • There will be scheduled group meeting days for the A, B, and C groups. On these days there will be practice question and answer sessions with rotational format for the participant as per asking and answering the questions in preparation for the test on that unit. Be respectful toward the group leader and listen. Do not get sidetracked.

Lateness and Absent Policy:

Some things that you should know:

  • You have a five minute grace period after the late bell.
  • After the grace period you are late! How many minutes you are late determines the amount of minutes you must make up after school. For example: If you are late ten minutes you must make up ten minutes. You will not be able to make up the time until you accumulate 40 minutes in late time.
  • If you can not attend an after-school make up session, you can do it on another day within a week or your grade will be affected !!
  • If you know that you will be absent, please tell a team member to pass the message along or Email Ms. Durso, ldurso@hackensackschools.org.
  • If you have to (a) see a teacher regarding a core course (b) see a coach regarding a sport (c) have a morning sport, you must receive permission to leave or come to class late from me. If you have something else to do before 2 nd period not included above, then the same rule applies.