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Introduction to Culinary Arts

Introduction to Culinary Arts is a course designed to introduce students to the culinary arts profession. Emphasis in this course is given to the development of basic competencies related to the culinary arts profession, including culinary math, understanding basic menus and recipes, standardization of kitchen procedures, with a culinary lab experience. Students will be introduced to the skills needed for employability, customer relations, menu planning, recipe use, weights and measurements, conversions, budgeting, safety and sanitation, organization for efficiency, and lab procedures.

Culinary Arts II

One must have taken Introduction to Culinary Arts as a prerequisite.  The class will be specified towards students that would like to further their knowledge in the Culinary and Hospitality field. Both food history and food science will be studied. Cooking procedures such as traditional French technique and the newest culinary trends will be explored. Students will continue to work on sanitation and safety procedures. The business side of the Culinary and Hospitality field will be studied in greater detail. Students will be graded on project based instruction as well as the outcome of their dishes.

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards:

Culinary Arts


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