Mission Statement

The Hackensack High School Social Studies Department is dedicated to providing all students with the knowledge, skills, and cognitive abilities they need to be active, informed citizens, and contributing members of local, state, and world communities, both now and in their future.


The goal of the Hackensack High School's Social Studies Department is to establish well-informed, independently thinking students, capable of participating effectively in our democratic society as responsible citizens. As a department, we believe that all students must identify with and understand both domestic and global issues, and develop interpersonal and decision making skills, related to the present and the future.

The school's slogan, "Diversity is our strength," is derived from our multicultural population and promotes a learning environment based on self-discipline and mutual respect for all people. It is our goal to develop in each student a curiosity for continued learning throughout life, based on the solid foundations of history. In addition, as a department that comprises other liberal arts, we believe that the foundations of a strong liberal arts and historically based education are interdisciplinary, and that a strong background in the social sciences leads to a strong academic performance now and in the future.

Department Supervisor:

Janice Acebo
Supervisor of Social Studies & Physical Education
201-646-8000 Ext: 1052


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