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Mission Statement

Hackensack High School’s Department of Student Activities is a student-centered department dedicated to individual and organizational development. We strive for student empowerment, accountability, effective planning, and communication. We provide the resources, guidance, and support to enhance student achievements and activities. In addition to serving the interests of the Hackensack community, our goal is to create a high school experience that is more vibrant and purposeful, while providing learning opportunities by: creating an inclusive campus community that promote social awareness and fosters community development; educating students to become effective leaders, involved citizens, and critical thinkers; and nurturing the personal, physical, academic, and spiritual development of students.



Mrs. Patricia Lozano
Assistant Principal
Hackensack High School
Phone number: 201-646-7912

Mrs. Audrey Irby
Student Activities Room 212A
Administrative Assistant
Phone Number:  201-646-7926

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